Fragrance and Perfume Manufacturers are protected by copyright and trademark laws, exempting them from disclosing their full ingredient list.

There is growing evidence that the chemicals used in some fragrances are linked to Health Concerns. For example: headaches, memory loss, agrevated respiratory and asthma symptoms, and may even contribute to hormone disruptions.

Fragrance industry can use as many as three thousand ingredients in their products. There can be a hundred ingrediets hidden under the word 'Fragrance' placed in many popular products which are then used on your skin & inhaled by your lungs. These products can be anything from a boutique candle to an artifically scented garbage bag.

Different countires have implemented their own standards of manufacturing. For example in Europe there are around 1328 prohibited chemicals which are not able to be used in personal care products, the USA has roughly 11, researched in year 2021.
Younger & less informed individuals are more likely to use syntheticlly scented products due to limited information available to them pre-purchase.

Synthetic fragrances Do Not hold any homeopathic benefits and are much cheaper to produce. They can however last longer and are inexpensive to purchase.

Here at Breaking Good we choose to use Organic Essential and Carrier Oils. They provide a beautiful selection of aroma with potential beneficial effects on the mind and body. Essential Oil notes are collaborated together to produce a desirable scent without causing harmful effects to the body, unlike synthetic and chemical ingredients added to fragrances today.