Making Your Own Mood Boosting Perfume with Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola Rosea can help relieve stress & fatigue. It can also help alleviate depression. This herb has been utilised around the world for hundreds of years to improve physical endurance.

How about we make perfume using Rhodiola to help manage daily stress - Its easy! As previously discussed in the last blog about the HARSH EFFECTS of SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES on the body, Essential Oils can be a powerful aroma substitute combined with positive long term benefits. 

To begin with we will need three characteristics to make Perfume. They are TOP, MIDDLE & BASE notes. With every note emerging once applied, starting from strong influence top notes, the each new note appearing at the departure of the preceding. Aromas evaporate & develop towards the base note which gives a fragrance its longevity. 

            LETS MAKE PERFUME!

  • You will need to combine the following:
  • 6 drops Rhodiola Rosea-using this oil for reduction in stress & mental fatigue.
  • 6 drops Chamomile essential oil-calming & relaxing
  • 4 drops of Cinnamon essential oil-natural mood enhancer.
  • 2 drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil-its an aphrodisiac & is beautifully sweet.
  • 1 drop of Tobacco essential oil-adds character.
  • 80 drops of Argan Carrier oil-anti aging & moisturising.
  • Mix well and leave to develop for a few days.
  • Remember to take care when using any essential oil as they have their own side effects & can burn skin when applied undiluted. 
  • Enjoy!